Everything that You Need to Know About Delhi Infratech Limited

People always make it a point to have a shelter or a home that they can call their own and use for relaxation in their leisure time. This being said, it can rightly be concluded that a house is an important necessity of every human being. In order to cater to this necessity of people, Delhi Infratech Limited came into being on September 17, 2000. The company was called Delhi Structures previously and operated as a partnership firm between Mr. Prabha Shankar Singh and Mr. Ashok Atri. They were graduates in engineering and are considered highly experienced individuals in the field of construction and development. In 2010m the company was reorganized and since then it is known as Delhi Infratech Limited.

Working on the principle of innovativeness in everything that it does, the company has been successful in achieving great landmarks within a very short span of time. Not only this, it is only because of the top quality development projects that it delivers, the company has also reached great heights of customer satisfaction and success in all its endeavours. In the present times, the services of Delhi Infratech Limited are aimed towards both commercial and residential requirements. The company takes pride in all its finished projects and within a time span of twenty years, it has successfully completed around sixteen development projects. This comes to a total of 86.75 lakhs square feet of area being developed by the company. There are other upcoming development projects that the group is working on at present. With such developments, the company has proudly surpassed the expectations of people. The high value and top quality luxury homes, residential units, hotels,  office spaces and shopping malls delivered by the company speaks of its experience and its dedication towards developing new and exclusive projects.

Customer delight is ensured at every step by Delhi Infratech Limited and by doing this we work towards changing lives. Our excellent craftsmanship and rigorous planning has helped us achieve great milestones.